nefas silk, ethiopia

Nefas Silk is a village on the outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa. Many families receive support through Adoption Ministry 1:27, which is a remarkable partnership program, that links at-risk families in Ethiopia with families overseas. Many hardworking people who earn low wages now receive vital resources, like food, soap, etc.

nefas silk, ethiopia, october 2012

gutumuma village, ethiopia

On my most recent trip to Africa we visited the village of Gutumuma in Southern Ethiopia. We were able to met families and learn about the holistic work being done to help them. The need is vast on all levels and I’m thankful to those who are faithfully serving this community. A kindergarten was recently built, water was piped in and┬ámany needy families have received new homes. This has been an effort of people who have looked past religious differences and simply loved ┬áthose in need. #inspired!


adama widows and orphans home

It’s times like this that I’m really thankful for my nose hair, and so are my lungs. I’m in Adama, Ethiopia with my friends Pete and Scott and we are getting set to head out on a new adventure after breakfast. Yesterday we visited the YWAM Widows and Orphans Home, here in Adama and it was a great stop. The children are beautiful and the women are hilarious.

portrait of Belanyensh, Adama, Ethiopia

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